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Made Simple

Anyone can become an Author. We all have a story inside of us thats waiting to influence the world.

We Offer Full Service

We do more than just help you write your book.  

Book Cover Design

Our expert design understands the book cover is the first impression. The cover must captivate your audience .

Author Websites

Your audience wants to connect with you. An author website is crucial to the marketing process of your book.

Character Development

The imagination of the reader must be influenced by the character of your book. We ensure your voice is heard.

Author Support

Writing your first book is not the end of your journey. Block Money Publications offer a circle of support for all new authors.

Marketing Your Book

Just because you wrote it, does not mean they'll buy it. The marketing process is one of the most fulfilling experiences.

Full Service Publication

We help guide you from your first words of the book, until you decided to retire as an author. We're for all your book births.

Author Group

$49 / month

Joining a like minded group of inspiring authors can be one of the most valuable decisions you can make.

  • Expert Support
  • Book Feedback
  • Purchase Reviews

Author Private

$297 / month

The one on one experience gives the author focus, clarity and direct access to experts when needed.

  • Direct private access
  • Personalized gudiance
  • Influence Power

Become an Author

Now, is the best time to start writing.
Get busy living or get busy dying.


What Is Self-Publishing?

“Self-publishing” is a form of publication in which the author becomes the publisher of the book.

Why Self-Publish?

Choose self-publishing because it provides them more control of the finished product. 

What Steps Are Involved In Self-Publishing?

Self-publishing involves an extensive list of tasks. Before you embark on a self-publishing project alone, be sure that you have the expert guidance of publication strategist & author.

What Types of Books Are Best-Suited for Self-Publishing?

The most successful self-publishers are those who (a) are experts in their field and (b) are familiar with the target audience for their books.

Do I Have to Do This All Myself?

The good news is that you don’t have to do everything yourself and you probably shouldn’t. One key to running a successful business is knowing what you can do effectively yourself — and what you should delegate to others. Working with Block Money Publications makes the entire book writing experience a simple organized process from start to finish. 

Which Is Better, Print or Electronic?

The answer to this question is “it depends.” Each format has advantages and disadvantages. The primary advantage of print publication is the simple fact that print books have a much wider audience than electronic books, regardless of the topic or genre. Statistics show that less than 14% of books purchased are electronic. Printed books dominate.

Your story could save someones life

Your story could be the reason someone chooses to live and not give up. Your story matters, theres someone out there waiting to read your book. Give the gift of words. Turn your experiences into a story. Your story into an opportunity.